Henry Harris Williamson

A dwarf closer to god than any man

Invoker, Covenant of Wrath
115 years old
4'6", 180lbs

Str: 10
Con: 16
Dex: 10
Int: 11
Wis: 20
Cha: 8

AC: 18
Fort: 16
Ref: 13
Will: 18

HP: 30
Surges: 9

Init: +5
Speed: 5

Attack (with wis-based powers): +7
Damage (with wis-based powers): +6

Arcana +6
History +6
Insight +11
Perception +6
Religion +6


Invoker Defense
Improved Initiative

Magic Items:
Magic Rod (+1)
Dwarven Chain (+1)
Cloak of Resistance (+1)

No living man knows of his origins, only that he is with the church. Henry Williamson is a lone dwarf in a world of men.

He was brought up by the church to be deeply religious, but it was his interactions with man that cemented his faith. As he saw friend after friend die off either due to tragedy, illness or old age, he considered any relations with man to be non-permanent and ultimately immaterial. He has since given up relating to man, only his love for god and god’s love for him is timeless.

Henry Harris Williamson

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